Interior Design

Milenium3 offers interior design services in Costa Rica in all areas, with specialized engineers and technicians and special equipment. Interior design at buildings, offices, commercial facilities, houses, villas, mansions, meeting rooms and other.

The areas of interior design and other operations come with great warranty and 24 hours – 365 days technical assistance, using special design elements, for:

  • Interior design of houses
  • Interior design of condos
  • Interior design of offices
  • Interior design of buildings
  • Interior design of commercial facilities
  • Interior design of hotels
  • Interior design of stores.

Interior design is a professional activity that seeks the most suitable resolution of the living environment of people, through the application of certain elements and basic rules of design, functional, aesthetic, environmental, sensory, psycho-social, economic and legal techniques, with the aim of improving the quality of life of users. Interior design is the discipline of projects involved in the process of creating the experience of interior space, with manipulation of both spatial volume and surface treatment. It should not be confused with interior decoration, as interior design explores aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design, in addition to traditional decoration. An interior designer is a qualified professional in the field of interior design, or someone who designs interiors as part of their work. Interior design is a creative practice that analyzes programmatic information, establishes a conceptual direction, refines design direction, and develops communication and construction graphic documents.