Installation of Perimeter Protection

Milenium3 offers installation services of protection systems and perimeter security in Costa Rica (perimeter security installer)

We provide security outside your property, with the installation of a modern system of microwave sensors that are invisible and very safe. With the installation of the Microwave Detector there is no need for the installation of an electric fence; this is all part of an integrated system that alerts you and the authorities by phone directly of an unexpected event.

We represent for the domestic market, the most prestigious firm in the field of perimeter security at the global level. Senstar Stellar Corp. of Canada and MAGAL GROUP of Israel have transmitted to us their extensive experience in advanced perimeter protection, and we are applying it with great success in our country.

The range of existing products and sensor cables in this type of solutions provide early and timely detection within the premises or your property. The intruder detection occurs just at the time someone invades the farthest limit, giving us the competitive advantage to manage the reaction times and the deterrent mechanisms specific to the intrusion.

Perimeter protection technologies integrate different tools, ranging from sensor cables that attach to fences, metal gates, wire barriers, up to underground sensor cables, which generate completely invisible volumetric fields. The micro-wave and electrostatic disturbance generate invisible fields that are highly effective and reliable.