Locative Installations

Milenium3 offers all kinds of general locative installations of security systems in Costa Rica.

We work from the design to the delivery of the fully completed project, under the turnkey concept. We reduce costs in general installations and work from the design to the delivery of the project completely finished, with energy materials and systems. We are specialists in Space and Design. High quality in general installations. Materials for industrial use, with acoustic insulation.

For the design and construction under international standards in general facilities it is essential:

  • A high degree of engineering
  • Quality control in each process
  • Shorter delivery time, compared to traditional construction
  • Weather-resistant materials under moisture and salinity conditions
  • Design for critical wind and earthquake conditions.

We also take care of:

  • Constructions
  • Electromechanical Construction
  • Remodeling of general installations
  • Maintenance of general installations
  • We build all models of general installations with Architecture for General installations
  • Traditional general installations
  • General ultra-modern installations
  • Installation of ceramic tiles
  • Facilities of suspended ceilings with all materials and custom designs
  • Installation of ceilings with finishes in concrete, metal, wood, or any other special materials with special thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Installation of gypsum walls
  • Installation of light walls, with any type of finishes
  • Electrical installations of all types and electrical charge powers
  • Paint of walls with special finishes (our specialty) and installation of stucco
  • Welding jobs and construction of gates
  • Installation of electric gates.