Installation of Anti-Theft Alarms

Milenium3 offers installation services of anti-theft  alarms in Costa Rica

They provide security inside and outside your property, with the installation of a modern system of invisible movement sensors. With the motion detector there is no need for installation of electric fences. This is all part of an integrated system that alerts you and authorities directly by phone of an unexpected event.

Anti-theft alarms can be installed in your home, business, shopping centers and industrial plants. Panic, assault and robbery alarms are some of the most prestigious systems in our market. Residential and commercial solutions have helped us generate the required experience to compete both in price and quality with our products. Configurations, ranging from traditional motion sensors to systems of linear invisible rays, ensure high reliability at a low cost of investment. Our systems are capable of making phone calls, and thus be integrated into the response and monitoring service in case of activation of alarms.