Installation of Access Control

We install:

  • Automated access to parking lots of all types.
  • Automatic doors for buildings
  • Biometric systems for special accesses of latest technology
  • Control of staff with in-and-out punch report and form
  • Biometric clocks with fingerprint reader

With this, you will have security in your shifts, without deception and with a secure database.

Advanced technology applications and reliability have allowed us to provide intelligence to the buildings we protect. Our access regulation solutions by means of radio frequency and proximity, specialized locks for all kinds of doors and access, as well as the most complete line of computer programs offer alternatives according to your needs and budget.

The capacity of integration by means of a graphical map of the site offers the possibility of generating any kind of activity or movement report of people within the facility. The combination of these reports allows us to solve access to restricted areas.

In addition, rounds of guards, vehicular access control, and many other applications, ensure adequate control in situations where rotation of people and assets demand. By means of this type of system, asset inventory controls, such as: expensive laptops and vehicles in circulation, can be easily managed.

The strategic infrared illuminators for night vision are in constant surveillance while you rest.