Milenium3 offers construction of houses, apartment buildings, apartments, villas, mansions and related in Costa Rica

We work from design to delivery of the finished project, under the turnkey concept. We reduce costs and we work from design to delivery of the finished project in construction of houses, energy systems and materials. We are specialists in Space and Design in the construction of houses. High quality in House Construction. Materials for industrial use, with acoustic insulation. Design and construction under international standards.

In construction of houses, it is essential:

  • A high degree of engineering
  • Quality control in each process
  • Shorter delivery time, compared to traditional construction
  • Weather-resistant materials under moisture and salinity conditions
  • Design for critical wind and earthquake conditions.

We also offer construction services. Electromechanical Construction Company. Remodeling of houses, maintenance of houses.

We build all models of houses with Construction Architecture:

  • Contemporary houses
  • Traditional houses
  • Wooden houses
  • Colonial houses
  • Ultra-modern houses.

The word home is used to designate a place where an individual or group of individuals inhabit, creating in them a sense of security and calm. In this sense it is different from the concept of house, which simply refers to the physical housing. The word comes from the house where families found fire for warmth and food in the past. It also applies to all institutions seeking to create a residential environment to host, for example, retreat houses, shelter houses, etc. The word “house” has a curious etymology, derived from the Latin word “focus” – “home” (as a place in the house to light the fire), and then extended to refer to the house itself or the family that dwells in it. The Indo-european root * Bhagavad “brightness” (not to be confused with that also written * Bhagavad “talk”) related to Greek, gene. (Originally) ‘fos, photos “-light” “and” phaino “-” show, bring to light’. In the West Germanic is * bauknan – “lighthouse”, hence the English word “beacon”.