Construction of condominiums

Milenium3 offers construction services and development of condominiums and residential centers in Costa Rica

We work from the design to the delivery of the fully completed project in construction of condominiums, under the turnkey concept. We reduce costs and work from design to delivery of the finished construction project of condominiums, energy systems and materials. We are specialists in Space and Design in construction of condominiums. High Quality in Construction of Condos. Materials for industrial use, with acoustic insulation. Design and construction under international standards.

In the construction of condominiums it is essential:

  • A high degree of engineering
  • Quality control in each process
  • Shorter delivery time, compared to traditional construction
  • Weather-resistant materials under moisture and salinity conditions
  • Design for critical wind and earthquake conditions.

We also offer construction services. Electromechanical Construction Company. Remodeling of Condominiums, Maintenance of Condominiums.

We build all models of houses with Architecture for the construction of:

  • Contemporary condos
  • Traditional condos
  • Wooden condos
  • Colonial condos
  • Ultra modern condos

Condo, Civil Law, it is the situation in the ownership of something that is shared by two or more people. By extension, this is which some authors call a horizontal property under the Property. The Condos are important to regulate the way in which investors make decisions with respect to the property they have in common. To this end, there may be relationship or association. It is also important to regulate the cases of termination and dissolution of a community of owners. The condominium is a legal institution that refers to the set of rules that regulate the division and organization of several properties, as a result of the segregation of a building or other common ground. The apartment itself is not particularly real estate, but a regime that regulates a form of real estate; it is divided and the relationship between the owners of private property and common goods that have been segregated land or building. The Condo allows the organization of investors and the maintenance of the property; therefore, it is common. The special branch of this division of the property that is exerted on the homes, offices, shops, warehouses, parking lots, industrial facilities, and other sites that divides a condo and it grants the holder the right of absolute and exclusive property, enforces mutual ownership right on the common property. This domain, along with the floor, includes a percentage share in the common elements of all owners of apartments in a given building. These elements are considered necessary for the proper use and enjoyment of the ground, and their percentage share is completely inherent in the ownership of the ground, being inseparable from it. The apartment building is a mixture of the individual and joint property. There is a company, an association, a not-for-profit entity. It is a nonprofit entity, different from other nonprofit entities. There may be individual property and property without home. This is the case of the Closed Real Estate Units, which also can coexist in the same complex of buildings of condominiums. At the beginning of the last century until 1960, laws were issued in many countries to cover both the condos as Closed Real Estate Units, which are called law of ownership of units and individual departments, but then tended to issue individual laws for each type of property. In Colombia, the Law 675 2001 devotes the first titles to the condo and the last ones to closed units. A condominium is also called the law of condominium and permanent residence.