Tips for reducing building costs

At the time of building your home, business premises, warehouse or industrial facility, it is necessary to reduce costs to the maximum extent, while preserving the quality and durability.

Here are several aspects to be taken into account:

  • Choose a property that is ready to build, without additional costs. Avoid properties that do not have any available utilities, such as sewer, water or electricity. Check the landscape of the lot and make sure that it does not require additional retaining walls or removal of trees. This can reduce costs significantly.
  • Design a home with simple lines. Avoid designs that have arches, ceilings and multiple peaks on the roof. Plan a comfortable size home. Avoid the construction of large houses that would have unused space and rooms.
  • Design a two-story house to save money in foundations and plumbing. Plan the construction of an attached garage with an unfinished extra bedroom above, in case of future expansion. Leave the basement unfinished, in order to finish the plumbing and the rest in the future.
  • Choose cabinets of standard sizes. Use the artificial countertop materials rather than natural stone such as granite.
  • Recycle materials during the construction of the house. Choose doors, windows, fireplace, lighting or other recycled products to conform to the design of the house.
  • Plan the installation of furnaces and appliances of low power consumption. These may cost more upfront, but over time you save in bills.
  • Plan to do some of the projects yourself. Paint and varnish the wood. Design the garden yourself after moving.
  • Hire a professional designer and architect to avoid errors. Make a detailed plan and select the materials before you visit the designer. Research your options of products for price and durability. Talk to the designer and architect about your plan, revising it as necessary. Ask the designer how to reduce costs.
  • Plan to interview several home builders before you hire one in particular. Check their references and ask if the constructor reached / used up the budget to complete the project. Look for builders who do quality work and have a good reputation. Builders who are efficient and do quality work will save you money.