Construction of Office Buildings

Milenium3 offers construction services and maintenance office buildings, corporate buildings, banks, industrial plants and related in Costa Rica

We work from design to delivery of finished office buildings construction projects, under the turnkey concept. We reduce costs and work from design to delivery of the finished project of construction of office buildings, energy systems and materials. We are specialists in Space and Design in the construction of office buildings. High Quality in Construction of Office Buildings. Materials for industrial use, with acoustic insulation.

In the design and construction of commercial buildings under international standards, it is essential to have:

  • A high degree of engineering.
  • Quality control in each process.
  • Shorter delivery time, compared to the traditional construction.
  • Weather-resistant materials under moisture and salinity conditions.
  • Design for critical wind and earthquake conditions.

We also take care of constructions. Electromechanical Construction Company. Remodeling of office buildings, office buildings maintenance.

Although offices can be built almost anywhere in almost any building, some modern requirements for offices make this task more difficult. The requirements may be legal (lighting levels should be sufficient, for example) or technical (requirements for network assembly). There are other requirements, such as security and flexibility of distribution, which has led to the creation of special buildings for use as offices. An office building is a commercial building containing spaces designed to provide a workplace for administrative and managerial workers, where they are provided with desks, computers and other equipment they may need. An office building is divided into sections for different companies or can be dedicated to a single company. In addition, each company usually has a reception area, a kitchen and a room where workers can have lunch or take a short break.