Construction of Industrial Buildings

Milenium3 offers construction services of industrial buildings, factories, and production plants in Costa Rica

We work from the design to the delivery of the fully completed project in construction of industrial buildings, under the turnkey concept. We reduce costs and we work from design to delivery of the finished construction project of industrial buildings, energy systems and materials. We are specialists in Space and Design. High quality construction of Industrial Buildings. Materials for industrial use, with acoustic insulation.

In the design and construction under international standards in the construction of industrial buildings it is essential:

  • High degree of engineering
  • Quality control in each process
  • Shorter delivery time, compared to traditional construction
  • Weather-resistant materials under moisture and salinity conditions
  • Design for critical wind and earthquake conditions.

We also take care of constructions. Electromechanical Construction Company. Remodeling of industrial buildings and Maintenance of industrial buildings.

The industry is the set of processes and activities that aim to transform raw materials into manufactured products. There are different types of industries, depending on the products they manufacture. For example, the food industry is dedicated to developing food products, such as cheese, cold meats, canned goods, etc. For their development, the industry needs raw materials, machinery and equipment to transform them. From the origin of man, transforming the elements of nature to take advantage of them has been the need, in the strict sense of the industry. In late 18th century and early 19th century, the process of transformation of nature’s resources underwent a radical change, known as the industrial revolution. This change basically reduced the time necessary to transform a resource into a useful product, through the use of the capitalist production mode, which aims to achieve a benefit through income growth and the reduction of the costs of work. With the industrial revolution capitalism acquired a new dimension, and the transformation of nature reached unexpected limits to the industrial revolution. Thanks to it, the regions can specialize mainly due to the creation of efficient transportation in national and international markets, as free as possible of tariffs and bureaucracy.

Some regions specialize in industrial production, forming what we know as industrial regions. A new economic structure and the destruction of the traditional society ensured that there was sufficient paid and voluntary labor.