Our service starts from the initial development of the project, preliminary project, to design, construction approvals, property development, and so on. We not only build but also provide your local / building / industrial facility with various special systems, and further remodeling jobs.

Specialists in Installation of Special Systems

Installation of Anti-Theft Alarms, Installation of Access Control, Installation of Fire Detection, Installation of Perimeter Protection, Installation of Fire Systems, Installation of Video Surveillance.

Services, Remodeling Jobs, Maintenance, Installations, Automations, Decoration in Costa Rica

General Automations, Interior Decorations, Interior Design, General Installations, General Maintenance of Facilities, General Remodeling

Construction Company, Electromechanical Construction and General Contractor

Construction of Wahehouses, Construction of Houses, Construction of Condos, Construction of Commercial buildings, Construction of Industrial buildings, Construction of Office Buildings, Construction of  Metal Structures, Construction of Commercial Facilities, Construction of Swimming Pools, Construction Company, Electromechanical Constructor, General Contractor.