About Us


Offers all kinds of services in Construction, Installations, Maintenance, Remodeling, Electromechanical Construction, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarms, Fire Detection, Fire Protection in Costa Rica.




Milenium3 offers a new concept of organization characterized by good attention, promptness, innovation and economy. We solve all your needs with quality, responsiveness, competitiveness and security.

Construction, Remodeling, Maintenance of Buildings, Construction of Homes, Warehouses, Buildings, Malls and more

We founded the company in 1990, with a great desire to provide our customers with competitive solutions with a high quality product. We then decided to provide the best professional service in constructions, remodeling and maintenance, to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. We are dedicated to excellence, in a continuous technical, administrative and customer service improvement process.

In the year 2002 we obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification. We are committed to meeting the expectations of the demanding customers with a high level of quality in execution, in works such as: buildings, commercial and residential developments, hotels, hospitals, industrial plants, offices, condos, apartments, banks, embassies and gas stations.

Our Team

In an excellent working environment, our group of enthusiastic professionals (engineers, architects, constructors, specialized technicians and decorators), foremen and operators, to the side of the administrative staff, strive to continuously improve each of our processes.

We work with the best consultants and suppliers in a joint effort, thus forming the best business team in the construction sector. With method, rigor, discipline, strategy and, above all, passion and dedication, we are pleased to contribute to quality and excellence in the construction, remodeling and maintenance of the most important works.

We strongly believe that the main source for new jobs is the recommendation of our customers; that is why we always provide quality, convenient terms and reasonable prices. We have been able to become an efficient company, which uses its profits to grow and strengthen by improving the quality of the services it offers, always looking for the best construction techniques and systems.

Special Installations

  • We provide competitive solutions, with technology of the highest quality in equipment and service to a market in need of security. Our experience in access control applications, advanced perimeter security, fire, theft-assault detection systems and closed circuit television, is the best alternative to your protection needs.
  • We are also dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of automatic fire sprinklers, water pumps, and Inergen CO2 systems for specialized laboratories.
  • All of our designs follow all applicable U.S. standards (NFPA, FM, IRI, and so on). The equipment and materials used are highly professional and of the most prestigious brands in the international market. In addition, they are approved by Factory Mutual and/or UL listed.

Traditional and Contemporary Architecture

  • Every architectural structure must respect and identify with the identity of the site where it is being developed, because of traditions, culture and landscape. Milenium3 builds houses in plots, exclusive residential complexes with swimming pools, tennis courts and spaces with gardens; state-of-the-art residential golf courses and ample green zones of leisure; commercial centers; and natural environments, surrounded by the best beaches and close to major cities through highways.
  • In addition, we can combine modern, Japanese, Latin American, North American or Mediterranean architecture, while preserving the landscape and heritage of the local environment. The technique (construction, materials, processes), functions (uses, activities, needs, uses, standards of comfort, equipment, facilities) and the conditions of the place, are our tasks to please customers.
  • In addition, we schedule regular meetings with all the professionals of our company, to assess and monitor all projects, regardless of their stage, thus helping us to strengthen our concepts.
  • Milenium3 has a network of highly qualified professionals, as well as a large group of outsourced consultants in various specialties, such as: structures, electrical engineering, health care and related matters.

Quality and Safety Policy

We continuously improve our processes, maximizing their efficiency for customer satisfaction. We ensure compliance with all technical specifications. We maintain a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000